providing basic services and educational support to
orphans and other vulnerable children in Africa

making a difference begins here

All donations to WLA Kids are used to further the education of orphans and vulnerable children in our hand-selected projects in Africa. Your donation – no matter what denomination – truly makes a difference in the lives of these children. Choose a one-time donation, a monthly amount, or honor a loved one with a donation in their name. Donations are tax-deductible.

make a one-time donation

Your one-time donation will be used to pay for school fees, uniforms, boarding facilities or classroom supplies. An orphan rescue kit (ORK) can be provided (school fees, uniform, shoes, mosquito net and lunch box) for $150 for a primary school child.

make a monthly donation

You may elect to support a child throughout the year by providing monthly school fees ($30 a month helps pay for two children to attend primary school; $100 a month pays for one child to go to secondary school).

make your gift – a gift from the heart

If your one-time or monthly donation is in honor of a friend or loved one, please fill in the information below and your recipient will be notified with a thank you card sent to the email address you provide.