providing basic services and educational support to
orphans and other vulnerable children in Africa

empowering young women in kenya


Lanoi is a 14-year-old girl who dreams of one day being an accountant. In most countries, a promising education for her would be all but guaranteed, and would be all that stands between her and a promising future.


But Lanoi lives in Kenya, where the opportunities for her, and young girls like her, are limited. The AIDS pandemic has orphaned thousands of children, young women of school age are often forced into early marriages, and the proliferation of sexual abuse often leads to unwanted pregnancies and a life that does not include an education.


Young women in this part of the world are burdened with extreme poverty and are faced with many circumstances that stand in the way of a future that includes an education.


the resources


In the schools that are available girls like Lanoi, the very basic resources, like pencils, books and even desks, are sparse. In many cases, the level of expertise provided by the teachers isn’t up to par, and the space provided to them is extremely limited.


Added to that, the issues that challenge even the best educational systems around the world are no different here: teacher shortages, over-population, and a lack of management expertise. And of course the issue of funding is a constant.


how to help


Every day, WLA helps women who are impacted by these issues. By partnering with organizations such as Dignitas, Heart, and Heart for Africa, WLA has helped fund scholarships for aspirational young girls, like Lanoi. In addition, WLA lends much needed support to the professional development of teachers, provides school uniforms, and even builds and furnishes the schools.


Head here to explore the ways you can lend a hand in improving the circumstances for children throughout Africa that are in need.